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This is an actual true story – Names have changed, but this is a true story based on my own real life

I used to have a social studies class with a girl named (not really) Lexi. She was a very pretty girl with nice, well-kept black hair and an average not-ugly face. I really liked her personality and I really like her body most of all. She had a very well-developed amazing ass, almost always shown through a amazing pair of yoga pants or skinny jeans, thick (but not fat) thighs, and I'd guesstimate her bra size was a high C or low D. (Sorry if that's creepy but I just thought about the size to help the audience picture her bust better.) Lexi had a little gut that was not too pronounced but it had a definite perky little bulge too it, usually obvious through her skin tight sexy V-necks. I sweet-talked her whenever I could, and I once was right in front of her when she scratched her stomach, pulling up her shirt so I could see her deep navel. I really liked it. Shortly afterward, Lexi had sexual relations with a very unpleasant guy, and over one quarter of the year I watched Lexi gain anywhere from fifteen to twenty-five pounds. I loved it, but I felt sorry for her because she was stressed over her relationship, most likely causing the gain. All of her weight went straight to her bust and belly. For a short while, Lexi kept the same wardrobe as she did before she began to gain and she displayed a sexy inch of her belly from between the top of her pants to the bottom of her shirt. Then, horrible things began to happen to her. Lexi got bullied about being a whore, and soon she began to hang out with a group of girls whose priorities where not so clean. She began to have trouble at home due to the influence of the girls, and finally she broke up with her asshole of a boyfriend. Then, summer occurred. I worked and played sports over the summer so I was busy, and summer, like always, passed in a blink. I struggled through the first brutal half of the school year, and then I noticed Lexi was in one of my semester two classes.

Her wardrobe had transformed horribly, changing from flirty tight clothing into over discrete, shapeless, and ugly clothes. At least twice a week I would see Lexi dressed in a way oversized button up denim shirt. It would be buttoned up all the way to her neck, shapelessly covering up her whole body from her neck to her upper thighs. Then, Lexi would have any pair of pants on, but it would not matter what they were because her oversized shirt would cover her ass and upper thighs. On most other days of the week, Lexi would dress herself in long sweatshirts that shapelessly covered all of her curves. Maybe once a week Lexi would not wear something shapeless, and on those days it was a loose high-necked t-shirt. So, maybe once a week Lexi would display her butt through a semi-tight pair of jeans or (if I was lucky) a pair of yoga pants. Her butt was still amazing. Also, her hair was unkempt, and before it was usually straightened and cute.

I wondered what would cause such an abrupt, hostile change, and I soon found out. Apparently, Lexi's slutty new friends had brought her into the habit of drinking. (She was underage). This drinking habit got her caught a few times, got her into trouble with her parents, caused her to gain weight, which caused her to be bullied from her weight gain, and resulting in her pretty bad wardrobe. I felt very sad for her, but I had not talked to her in almost a year, so comforting her on personal matters would be VERY out of the question for me.

This brings me to today. Today, Lexi wore a V-necked skin-tight t-shirt that looked like one she would have worn nine months ago. Not only that, but it was accompanied by a pair of yoga pants. I finally got to see whether the rumors of her gaining a ton of weight where true. They were. Lexi looked like she had gained thirty-five to forty pounds since I had seen her navel while she scratched her belly. Her pretty good sized boobs had expanded to a mid-sized D or maybe even a double. Her ass and thighs seemed like it was the same size, just like her face, arms, and hips. All of the thirty-five to forty pounds had gone straight to her belly. I was beside myself. She looked amazing, I observed as she walked mildly down to aisle to her seat, stomach bouncing and jiggling slightly with every step. Her amazing widened and deepened bellybutton silhouette was visible through the super-tight v-neck she was wearing. Not only that, but I couldn't help glancing over while she bent down to notice her rack had grown much hotter since nine months ago. Yes, her belly bulged out with a definite roundness over her yoga pants. Yes, her belly jiggled when she walked a little. Yes, her boobs looked like they were trying to fight their way out of her tight shirt. And finally, YES, SHE LOOKED HAWT! I could barely tear my eyes away from her. When she sat down, her belly bulged out even more, and I almost could not help myself. What I would not have given to give that tummy a rubbing…

So: here's some advice to humanity as a whole:

Girls: If you happen to gain weight and get chubby, don't let it hurt your confidence. There are a lot of guys like me who LOVE chubby girls and would LOVE to see you keep your hot clothing. Don't let mean girls and guys make you feel bad about yourself. BE PROUD in your size. Big girls do it better!

Non-weight gaining girls: don't you dare tease any girls about their weight! It makes you look shallow and bitchy, and I personally despise when I witness heartless sluts killing a curvy girl's confidence. Also, karma's a bitch. Tease big girls and it may foreshadow what you may become… and if you teased big girls and you get big yourself… good luck.

Guys: don't tease chubby girls about their weight either. You'd totally be cock blocking their confidence and all the guys like me who want to get with them.

So – these notes pertain to chubby girls. I am not saying fatter girls shouldn't wear that clothing if they don't want to. Certain guys will find you erotic no matter what size you are.


I'm tired of hearing girls complaining that they are fat when I'm sitting here happy that they did. So, this is my view, I didn't mean to offend anyone, and I most definitely will accept any pictures sent to me (lol).

This has been a public service announcement not meant to offend anyone; it is just here to help out those chubby cuties.
this is my personal opinion and is not meant to be taken as an insult.

Chubby Girl Power!
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Quint-rymes Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2015
Well... not to be a buzzkill but you don't always get bigger boobs /butt by gaining weight, i have an entire CLASS of girls who work out to tone their butts / boobs
TomBrans1 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2014
I honestly love (slightly) voluptuous women .... . They are simply very beautiful and attractive ..... .
iamfrickenepic Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
did you ever get with "Lexi"?
free277 Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014
Great message man.
B00Mstik Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2014
Very classy: I was apprehensive on how this story would end, but you handled it flawlessly. Kudos.
growinluvhandles Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2012  Student Writer
What a great attitude! And so well-expressed!
bobcat1123 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
This is what ive been telling one of my best friends for a long time :D im glad somebody has finnally had the guts to tell the world these facts. Also a word of advice to u if this girl is single get to know her some who knows maybe there a few sparks left in u twos fire
isaacrx Featured By Owner May 8, 2012
As a rather well educated person I have to agree to the fact that individuals should love their bodies regardless of what others may say. People in general need to stop following standards created by society.

As far as the fatties is concerned, You may have them all. I prefer mine asian, skinny and with a nice set.
LovesBellies Featured By Owner May 9, 2012  Hobbyist
preach it, brother!

I prefer mine chubby and white... but whatever you prefer is what you prefer, no one should try to tell you otherwise :D
Kinflate Featured By Owner May 8, 2012
Well said mate
coragg0 Featured By Owner May 7, 2012
For he's a jolly good fellow, for he's a jolly good fellow, and nobody can deny *throws confetti at*
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